Southwestern Community Services


Philanthropy is alive and well at Southwestern Community Services (SCS). Each year, SCS clients are the beneficiaries of tens of thousands of dollars given to SCS from many wonderful sources. In good times and in bad, SCS staff marvels at, and greatly appreciates, the generosity of the community it serves.

Each year, SCS conducts its Town Funding program. More than ninety percent of the towns served by SCS participate each and every year. Requests are calculated to equal 1.5% of the total funding SCS annually “invests” within each respective community. Collectively, these cities and towns contribute over $70,000 annually to support SCS program outreach efforts.

Dozens of foundations, corporations, and individuals also donate to SCS each year. These donations vary from being very “targeted” to specific SCS programs or services to those that support the overall, general efforts of the agency. These important funds range from small individual gifts of a few dollars to five figure gifts that come from institutional donors. Each and every dollar is important, valued, and accounted for per the wishes of the donors.

Anyone who may have questions or seek to donate to SCS, and/or its specific programs, should contact Keith F. Thibault, SCS’ chief development officer. Keith can be reached by phone at 603.719.4208 or by e-mail at

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