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Welcome New Staff Members!

And see other staff changes!

Jeanny Aldrich is our newest Nutritionist with the WIC program. Jeanny is excited to be with SCS. She has been in the food industry for 30 years. Jeanny is a Le Cordon Bleu certified Chef and she received her BS in Nutrition from Keene State College in 2012. Jeanny says “I am a devoted student of anything applicable to food and health. In my younger years, WIC helped me, and has touched the lives of many people that I know. I am very happy  to be a member of the SCS WIC team”!

Kevin Dremel and Pamela Young have joined Head Start as Social and Emotional Coaches. Kevin covers the Head Start centers in Cheshire County and Pamela covers the centers in Sullivan county. Both have extensive experience working with children and families. We are happy to welcome them to Head Start and to SCS!

Lore DeForest and Kayla Christenson staff members with the Housing Stabilization Services program, both recently received promotions! Lore is now the Coordinated Entry Manager for HSS and Kayla is the Supportive Housing Coordinator. Congratulations!

Heather Hansen and Christina Correnti are the two newest staff members in the Energy Service program. Heather is an Intake Specialist and Christina or Chrissy, as we know her, is the new Program Assistant. We are happy to have you here!

Bill Hudon, Jim Petrillo and Ron Bean  have joined the Maintenance Department in recent months. We are fortunate to have them join us and to share their skills and expertise!

Rhonda Hull is welcomed back to SCS. She is the Community Food Coordinator for our brand new Community Food Program. Rhonda was a past Head Start program cook. We are pleased she has returned to help build this new initiative for SCS!

Cindy Hayden has joined the Sullivan County Transportation program as Afternoon Dispatcher. We’re so very glad to have you with us Cindy!

Jenn Plummer, Nicole Cook, and Theresa Derry have joined the Housing Relief Program, a new program that launched in July of this year. As members of the Housing Relief Program team, they work with people in need of assistance with rent, mortgage, or other household expenses such as utilities, due to Covid-19 related reasons. Welcome Jenn, Nicole and Theresa!

Sierra HubbardBilly-Jo Kundel, and Morgan Britton have joined the Housing Stabilization Services program. Sierra is a Supportive Housing Case Manager, Billy-Jo is the Emergency Housing Coordinator, and Morgan is ESG Outreach. We welcome them all as staff members of HSS!

Vanessa Gorman-Dow is the new Occupancy Office Coordinator for SCS Property Management. Vanessa will assist the Property Managers with day to day office tasks and provide other supports. We’re happy to have you as part of the team!

Gabriel Leonard has been promoted to Director of the Energy Conservation program and Joseph Chairs has joined the department as a Technical Assistant. Congratulations to Gabriel! Welcome Joseph!

Goodbyes to Rob Waters from Housing Stabilization Services and Sarah Dunholter from Property Management. Rob and Sarah have moved on from SCS. We’ll miss you and wish you well!

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