Southwestern Community Services

A message from our CEO

Dear SCS Staff and Community Partners, 

Times of transition can be both overwhelming and invigorating.

One of the reasons I love living in New England is the change in seasons – the landscape going from snow and frozen ground in the winter when folks are hunkered down with cozy blankets… to spring with the smell of the earth breaking open again and promising new life… to summer with green grass and the sun shining through trees and reflecting off lakes… to autumn with the leaves bursting into color and giving us nature’s best shot before things are once again quiet under a blanket of snow. That cycle is comforting to me, and each season brings with it a different kind of growth and the chance for a different type of appreciation. The seasons also help me measure time and give opportunities for clean slates and fresh starts.

So it is with other transitions as well – whether that be a leadership transition like we are currently going through here at SCS, or a community or national level transition as we begin to move into a different phase of the COVID19 pandemic.

We can be comforted by some of the protocols and procedures we’ve been able to put into place to keep each other safe and healthy, while also looking ahead to how we provide services in the future. We can be proud of the work we’ve accomplished in recent years while knowing that our work continues and there are new projects and initiatives to launch. There are lessons to be learned and memories to treasure from past seasons, and there are goals to set and work to do in the seasons ahead.

My vision moving forward is to help foster strong teams, strong households, and strong communities to create a landscape of opportunity… for the households we serve that may be in a vulnerable situation due to a myriad of possible barriers… for our staff who meet the challenges of the work that we do with a solution-oriented mind and a steady heart… and for our community partners who show up each day and collaborate to build strong working relationships.

With a grateful heart and a focused determination, I look forward to working with you all in this new role.

– Beth
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