Southwestern Community Services

New Hope New Horizons

 Assisting people with developmental disabilities achieve their hopes and dreams.

New Hope New Horizons (NHNH) provides life enriching services to adults of all abilities so that they may achieve thier personal hopes and dreams. These services include employment, day and community outreach, and residential support. A dedicated staff composed of both new and long-term members is committed to the success of the people they support.

Employment Services

New Hope New Horizons assists people who have developmental or acquired disability in securing quality jobs and provides them with the least intrusive long-term supports necessary to maintain those jobs and to expand career opportunities. NHNH supports both the employee and the employer to assure a successful job match.

Day and Community Outreach

For adults who have a developmental or acquired disability, NHNH provides support in developing and maintaining an active life in their community. By providing a flexible system of supports, each person has opportunities to choose and participate in a variety of activities that promote personal growth and assist in developing and maintaining real, long-lasting relationships. Exciting and fun-filled days may include the following activities: dance and movement therapy, crafts, cooking, sign language, and educational and recreational experiences.

Residential Support Services

NHNH provides support to people who have a developmental or acquired disability so they can live fulfilling lives in their communities. In addition to providing care and support, NHNH assists each individual in accessing a home and living situation which meets his/her need for independence.

Support is also provided to families who have an adult child with a disability, assisting them in taking an active role in the design of their adult child’s services, so he or she may continue to live in the family home.

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