Southwestern Community Services

Housing Development

Housing Development

Southwestern Community Services (SCS) is an important local non-profit housing provider, developer, manager, and advocate.

SCS has developed, manages, and maintains nearly 448 units of affordable Workforce and Senior Housing located in ten southwestern New Hampshire communities; and provides an experienced and knowledgeable “voice” for the low to moderate income families and individuals who are struggling with very high relative housing costs. SCS actively collaborates and has partnered with dozens of local entities, agencies, and organizations to further the development of a balanced supply of housing for all citizens of our region.

Since 1993, SCS has become one of the most prolific and highly regarded affordable housing developers (for profit or not-for-profit) in the State of New Hampshire. Working closely with NH Housing, the NH Community Development Finance Authority, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, and others, SCS has developed, owns, manages, and maintains a fairly broad portfolio of affordable Workforce and Senior Housing developments. From Swanzey to Winchester to the south to Claremont and Newport to the north, SCS has worked with ten communities to develop nearly 448 affordable rental housing units. SCS will continue efforts to provide for the development of these important community assets.

Finally, SCS has also become a recognized and experienced advocate for affordable housing. SCS’ chief development officer completed work as fellow of the Carsey Institute of the University of New Hampshire. The three state fellowship group studied the nexus of affordable housing and smart-growth. SCS, in 2002, helped to form Heading for Home, a Regional Housing Coalition. Through its acts and deeds, SCS has become a quintessential advocate for the need to provide for a balanced supply of housing in our local communities. SCS has further helped to espouse the fact that this is an important economic issue facing New Hampshire communities both today and tomorrow.

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