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Energy Assistance

Fuel Assistance

The Fuel Assistance Program provides financial assistance for heating and utility expenses to elderly, handicapped, and low-income residents. Please refer to our program brochure for more information.

Current income guidelines for fuel assistance are outlined in the table below. Please note that income limits are subject to change. The Fuel Assistance Program opens on December 1 and closes on April 30.

2023-2024 Income Guidelines for Fuel Assistance

Household Size Income Limit Monthly Income Limit Annually
1 $3,422 $41,635
2 $4,475 $54,446
3 $5,528 $67,257
4 $6,581 $80,069
5 $7.634 $92,880
6 $8,709 $105,961
7 $8,885 $108,093
8 $9,082 $110,495

State Emergency Fuel Assistance Program (SEFAP)

One-time heating benefit paid directly to the heating vendor – $450.00

State Supplemental Electric Benefit Program (SSEBP)

One-time electric benefit paid directly to the electric vendor – $200.00

Household Size Income Limit Monthly Income Limit Annually
1 $4,004 $48,711
2 $5,236 $63,699
3 $6,467 $78,688
4 $7,700 $93,676
5 $8,931 $108,634
6 $10,163 $123,653
7 $10,394 $126,463
8 $10,625 $129,274

Complete a Fuel Assistance Application and applicants will be automatically enrolled if they meet the requirement. 

The last day for applications is April 30th.

Electric Assistance Program

The Electric Assistance Program provides qualifying utility customers with a discount on their monthly electric bill. The discount is based on the household gross income and type of space heating used in the home. Applications are taken year round for the Electric Assistance Program. For more information please see our brochure.

Current income guidelines for electric assistance are outlined in the table below. Please note that income limits are subject to change.

2022-2023 Income Guidelines for Electric Assistance

Household Size Income Limit Monthly
1 $3,422
2 $4,475
3 $5,528
4 $6,581
5 $7,634
6 $8,709
7 $8,885
8 $9,082

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

This program provides funds for utility energy assistance (electric or natural gas) to needy individuals who are experiencing hardships, have disconnects pending, and are ineligible for help from the Fuel Assistance Program. (This non-profit charitable funding is generously supported by corporate matching contributions from customers and employees of Unitil/Concord Electron, Keyspan, Unitil/Exeter & Hampton Electric, Granite State Electric, Northern Utilities, Natural Gas, and Eversource.)

Senior Energy Assistance Program

The Senior Energy Assistance Program (SEAS) provides energy assistance funds in an amount of up to $500 per elderly household for individuals, 60 years of age or older, who are over income under the low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This program secures and maintains maximum independence and dignity in a home environment for elderly individuals capable of self-care with appropriate supportive services. The number of households served will depend on funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Cheshire County call 352.7512
For Sullivan County call 542.9528

When you call the office, you may receive a voice recording due to the high volume of appointments each day. The recording will ask you to leave the following information: your name, phone number, mailing address and whether or not you are a renter. New clients are required to have either a phone or in-person appointment. Returning clients may have an application mailed to them. If you request a return call, the staff will contact you directly.

You will receive a notification from the program either way by mail.

  • You will now receive the vouchers directly. You will be responsible to get your landlords signature and submit the vouchers directly to Southwestern Community Services. Our mailing info is listed on the voucher itself once you receive them.
  • Heating vouchers will be issued in amounts of no more than $504 each month.
  • If the total awarded benefit is more than $504, the household will receive multiple monthly vouchers totaling up to the benefit amount.
  • Both tenant and landlord must sign the voucher and then return it to Southwestern Community Services in order to receive payment.
  • All signed heating vouchers may be submitted at the same time; however they will only be paid in the month for which they are issued.
  • If you move, you must notify Southwestern Community Services in writing so that any remaining benefit may be transferred to your new location.

An emergency is when there is less than an 1/4 of a tank of fuel remaining or less than 20% remaining for propane during the heating season. For wood/pellets it is less than a one week supply.

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