Southwestern Community Services

Economic Development

Southwestern Community Services (SCS) has held Economic Development as an important tool for both the agency as well as the communities that the agency serves. SCS contributes to the overall economic health of our region in a variety of ways.

SCS, as an employer, provides employment for over 130 persons and has a multi-million dollar annual payroll. SCS has grown from a small, grass roots organization formed in 1965 to a strong, dynamic, and growing human and social service organization that impacts thousands of individuals and families each and every year.

At the community level, SCS has assisted several small southwestern New Hampshire communities with accessing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars for economic development and job creation activities. Many small New Hampshire towns lack the knowledge and experience to gain access to this economic development funding tool. SCS has authored and administered CDBG Economic Development Grants for the towns of Winchester, Walpole, Jaffrey, Hinsdale, and Newport. These grants represented the creation of hundreds of jobs. Included among these efforts were the restoration and adaptive re-use of the Eagle Block, located on Main Street in downtown Newport; the 100,000+ sf Plumb-Pak factory facility in Winchester; and the creation of the Grist Mill Industrial Park in Charlestown. A majority of the jobs created through these various efforts have been filled by low to moderate income persons, and each of them increased the economic health of our region of the state.

SCS remains committed to serving our communities with effective and efficient economic development activities and projects for the foreseeable future. Often partnering with groups such as the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation and other regional development corporations, SCS will continue to see that economic development remains a part of its work in its effort to serve the communities and families of southwestern New Hampshire.

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