Southwestern Community Services


Southwestern Community Services (SCS) remains committed to serving our communities. As such, ongoing development is not only a major force within SCS, but a key factor in managing the present and moving forward towards the future.

Economic Development

Economic Development (ED) is an important tool for both the agency and the communities the agency serves. ED contributes to the overall economic health of our region by providing employment opportunities, implementing workforce training programs, creating jobs…

Housing Development

SCS is an important local non-profit housing provider, developer, manager, and advocate. Thanks to SCS, affordable housing exists throughout the area, and more is being developed through many collaborative efforts. Emergency and Transitional Housing serves the needs of the most unfortunate…


Philanthropy is alive and well at SCS. Contributions come from many sources, including foundations, corporations, and individuals. In good times and in bad, SCS staff marvels at, and greatly appreciates, the generosity of the community it serves…

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