Homeless Services

Monadnock Area Housing Coalition (MAHC)

Sullivan County Housing Coalition (SCHC)   


MAHC and SCHC are programs operating in Cheshire and Sullivan counties that deliver direct and immediate care to the homeless populations and those in imminent danger of becoming homeless. There are five components to the service.  

Emergency/Transitional Shelter Program  

Provides both emergency and transitional shelter for folks who are in need. Comprehensive case management is a large part of the program. The goal is to aid clients in reaching and maintaining self-sufficiency through goal establishment, needs assessment and prioritization, budget planning, service agency referrals, job and housing readiness and search, parenting skills, emotional/mental health assessments, and other basic life skills.

Homeless Outreach and Intervention Program. 

The HUD Homeless Outreach and Intervention Project is a statewide collaborative project among the six Community Action Agencies and The State of New Hampshire Department of Mental Health and Developmental Services. The project is administered by Southwestern Community Services,and  is designed to provide aggressive outreach and intervention services to the unsheltered homeless throughout the state.

Outreach specialists will attempt to identify the unsheltered homeless via direct outreach activities and through reports from police, shelters and others in the community. They will then attempt to provide assistance to these individuals, utilizing the various programs offered by the agencies involved as well as services provided by other organizations in the area.


Prevention/Intervention Program  

Attempts to keep at-risk individuals and families in the home they are in, providing it is a safe and affordable living situation. This is accomplished by one-time financial supports, service, agency referrals, budget planning, tenant advocacy and mediation, and other life skills training.

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Housing Security Guarantee Program  

This program, secured by the state of New Hampshire and administered by MAHC and SCHC provides no- interest security deposit loans to low-income individuals and families.

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Rental Guarantee Program. 

The rental guarantee program assists homeless families in obtaining permanent housing by providing incentives to prospective landlords in the form of limited guarantees against loss due to damage of non-payment of rent.

An applicant’s income needs to be within HUD’s income guidelines. An applicant must be a family with one or more minor children (including a pregnant women or couple in which the women is pregnant). An applicant must have no permanent address and be temporarily residing in a shelter for the homeless, a hotel or motel, the home of another household designed for occupancy by only one household, or entirely without shelter.

Youth Specialist Services. 

The youth Specialist role is to  provide assessment for each child under the age of 18 living in our shelter and together with the parent (s) involvement provide such services as transportation to appointments, weekly activity groups, communication with the schools, referrals for medical and/or mental health services and addressing the special needs of children that are homeless on an individual basis.

Long-Term Transitional Housing Program

 Our long-term Transitional Housing Program consists of facilities and programming to help families transition out of homelessness.  We provide rental units to qualified families that are either without shelter, in an emergency shelter, or in temporary, unstable housing situations.  Our Transitional Housing Program rents housing units to eligible families and provides the much needed support services to promote self-sufficiency and the ability to retain and maintain permanent housing.


Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s)

Our Individual Development Account Program administers matched savings accounts that offer low-income and low-wealth families an incentive and a means to save money and take steps toward realistically fulfilling their dreams of homeownership, post-secondary education, or business ownership.  In this program, participants’ saving will be matched on a 3:1 basis – for every $1 saved, the program will match it with $3.  Eligibility requirements apply.


MAHC and SCHC have Staff available 24/7 and can be reached at:

MAHC-  (603) 357-1654

    SCHC-  (603)-542-3160

NH Helpline-24/7-225-9000/800-852-3388 www.nhhelpline.org




Also a  Sullivan County United Way Program

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