Energy Services - FAQs
Fuel Assistance, Electric Assistance, Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Senior Assistance
SCS Energy Services is comprised of the Fuel Assistance Program, the Electric Assistance Program, Neighbor Helping Neighbor, and the Senior Energy Assistance Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the income guidelines for Fuel Assistance?
Current income guidelines for fuel assistance are outlined in the table below. Please note that income limits are subject to change.
2018-2019 Income Guidelines for Fuel Assistance
Household Size Income Limit Monthly Income Limit Annually
1 $2,709 $32,961
2 $3,543 $43,102
3 $4,376 $53,244
4 $5,210 $63,386
5 $6,044 $73,528
6 $6,877 $83,670
7 $7,033 $85,571
8 $7,190 $87,473
How do I apply for Fuel and Electric Assistance?
For Cheshire County, contact SCS at 352-7512.
For Sullivan County, contact SCS at 542-9528.

What can I expect when I call?
When you call the office, you may receive a voice recording due to the high volume of appointments each day (individuals are double-booked every 15 minutes for appointments). The recording will ask you to leave the following information:
  • your name, phone number, and mailing address, so that an appointment card can be mailed to you
  • the best days and times for appointments
  • whether or not you are a renter
If you request a return call, the staff will contact you directly.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?
The items you need to bring with you to your appointment are listed on the appointment sheet. Special circumstances may require additional information.

When will I know if I am enrolled?
You will receive notification from the program either way.

If you are enrolled in either the Fuel or Electric Assistance Programs (or both), you will receive a letter in the mail. Your heating dealer and/or electric provider will receive notice as well. Notification will be sent as funding allows.

If you are denied, you will still receive a letter, and it will inform you as to why your application was denied: over income, lacking certain documentation, etc. If you are denied for being over income and then your income changes (job loss, etc.), you are encouraged to re-apply for the program. If you are denied for not providing documentation, you are also encouraged to re-apply.

Can you tell me if I am enrolled at my appointment and how much the benefit will be?
We need to calculate the income and household utility expenses and verify it in our system prior to notifying applicants. We can tell you whether or not it appears you are eligible, but we need to double-check dates, amounts, etc.

If I receive a rent subsidy and my heat is included in my rent, am I eligible?
Fuel Assistance is unavailable to individuals who receive a rent subsidy with their heat included in their rent.

Am I eligible if I rent a room from my family?
The entire household can apply and all incomes will be considered.

What do you consider an emergency?
An emergency is when there is less than a 1/8 of a tank of fuel remaining or less than 20% remaining for propane during the heating season. We encourage households to schedule an appointment before they are in an emergency situation.

Where can I go for additional information about Fuel Assistance, energy saving tips, etc?
  • Southwestern Community Services, Inc. 352.7512
  • Town Welfare Office
  • ServiceLink Resource Center
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